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Working from Home Style

You have some choices to make every morning. Do you want to just roll off the bed and drag yourself to your workstation in the same clothes as what you slept in? Or will you actually change? But change into what?! How are you supposed to dress when you work from home? Do you HAVE to get dressed up every day? Well I guess, it is entirely possible to

work naked, but chances are that you put some kind of clothing on every day.

Outfit working from home _ comfortable cozy

You might be deciding between a pair of slacks and a button up shirt, or some cozy sweatpants and an old t-shirt? You don’t see any meetings on the schedule for today. No one will ever know what you wore today but you. Do you choose to be comfortable, or do you choose to dress professional? Whatever that even means anymore….

Let’s keep it real. If I got no one to see today, then I probably won’t want to put on slacks or jeans or even a bra! But as a stylist I know how great of an impact my clothes can have on my mood and even my productivity for the day. I believe in being comfortable but remaining stylish. So, for today’s outfit I put on one of my favorite leggings and paired it with an olive top and a matching sweater cardigan. All of my pieces are super comfy, but they all fit me like a glove and the color coordination makes my outfit look so much more intentional. I finished my look with a necklace to make sure you know I meant it when I said my outfit was intentional!

Taking the time to pay attention to the details of your outfit and making conscious decisions about things that make you feel good will make such a difference to the start of your day. You don’t have to put on professional clothing or jeans if you don’t want to. Some days we just want to be comfortable and still feel great when walking past a mirror.

Find pieces that you love and bring them together using strategies like color coordination. Add some accessories and you will take your home outfit to the next level! Don’t be afraid to take risks and get creative!

If you want a little extra help in this area ask me about my Bring the Sexy Back Home package!

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