• Atena Crain

A Trip to the Nail Salon

Did I need to get all dressed up to go get my nails done? I love getting my nails done. I had a good friend that got me into it. Getting our nails done together was our thing. We got it done together every two weeks for a number of years. I can’t even remember when the first time was. It just became a part of my routine.

The clicking sounds of the nails on the keyboard became the most beautiful music to my ears after a while. I learned how to do all the tasks that are hard to do with nails and even learned how to use my nails as a tool. They work great for peeling oranges.

I had to stop getting them done during the pandemic. And I thought “it’s fine, I can do my own nails.” I didn’t... Then I thought, “well at least I’m saving money.”

And then things opened up just a bit, but I proceeded to keep my nails undone and gave myself more reasons:

“Well, I should save money anyway, because I am in the beginning stages of my business and I don’t know where this is going.”

“I don’t really have the time to go get them done.”

“Everything is through Zoom, and no one will see my hands anyway, I don’t need to get them done.”

“I could get COVID out there.” (I still went out to other places).

Things opened and nothing changed. Months went by. A year and a half to be more precise. I still had the same mentality and because of that, something that brought me so much joy, just wasn’t in my life anymore. I missed it. I know this because I talked about it. I kept saying I need to get my nails done. I had the time, but, again, the problem was that I still had the wrong mentality. So, I just didn’t do it. Until I did!

I made an appointment with a nail salon for 3:30 pm on a Monday. I was so excited about this. I told my husband in the morning that I will not be home when he returns from work, because I’m going to get pretty nails. He was excited for me too. I planned my day with the goal to get everything on my to do list done by 3 pm. But of course, things were taking longer than I wanted them to. So, I called the nail salon and rescheduled to 5:30 pm.

At 4:30 pm my husband came home and asked me “didn’t you say you were getting your nails done?”

“I rescheduled to later, but I think I won’t get to go,” I replied quickly while staring at my computer screen. I felt like I had a lot to do, and not enough time. Mind you, none of the things that I wanted to do that day were really time sensitive. It was just a pressure I was putting on myself.

My husband finally talked me into going. It seems that I just needed that little push. And that’s okay. Sometimes we need that little bit of extra support. And I’m so glad that I did go that day.

I was so happy afterwards. I felt different. I felt like myself again. I realized that my nails are a very important part of my self-care, it’s something that I truly enjoy. And it’s on my hands, it’s something that I can always see. Every time that I see it, I smile and think “I look good.” The little sprinkles of happiness in my day started to noticeably shift my mood throughout the day. Not gonna lie, I’ve been really feeling myself since I started to get them done again. I’ve been receiving a bunch of compliments too, which has been a great confidence booster. And now, I feel proud of myself for taking care of myself.

So, whenever I go to get my nails done, I make it an occasion just for me. I get dressed up and get myself a Starbucks drink. I probably wear an unnecessary amount of makeup, but who cares! I look good and I feel good. I enjoy the WHOLE process.

The lesson that I learned from this is that taking the time to do something just for me empowers the rest of my life. It’s a way for me to celebrate my accomplishments, my progress, and my hard work. And it motivates me to keep going. That’s the right mindset.

So yes, I did need to get all dressed up.

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