Mini Packages

Stand alone or as an add on.


Closet cleanse

If you have racks of clothing, but somehow you have nothing to wear, it’s time for a closet cleanse. Let’s look for the hidden gems in your closet, while getting rid of the things that don’t work for you anymore. Clothes are here for you and if they don’t serve you anymore then it’s time for them to go! This will help you make room for new pieces or just simplify your closet. This can be such a freeing process. Bonus! You will get recommendations for pieces that will make your closet more functional for you.


Special occasion styling

It’s one outfit, but it’s a very important one! There are just so many directions this could go. Let me help you figure out the perfect look so you can feel amazing and focus on being the star of your event.


Style consult

“How do I look in this dress?” Do you really want an honest answer? Then you've come to the right place. Getting a professional point of view can be really eye opening. Some tweaks might take your style to the next level. I will break some of your looks down, tell you why it works or does not work for you, and give you lots of notes that you can put into action. Plus you will get recommendations for some pieces that will elevate your wardrobe.

Woman Shopping